Take a walk in the trees
Glynn is always happy to talk to you about olives if you are interested. Just let us know.

Sample some products
You can order a tasting platter which includes our olive oils, olives & crispy bread for dipping. Cost: $8 per head.

Overlooking the olive grove
The cottage sits beside the olive grove which you can see from the kitchen window and back deck. Olives are on the trees from November to April and harvest takes place sometime during April or May depending on the season.

Sustainable agriculture
We grow our olives without using any artificial sprays or fertilisers in order to protect the diversity of insect and soil organisms. It also means you know our olives and olive oil are free from residues and the air you breathe when you visit is clean and pure.

Low water requirements
Olives are very adaptable trees and while their preferred climate is mediterranean, they can survive well without much extra water unless it is exceptionally dry in winter or spring.  
Re-using waste
We have our own olive press which operates at harvest time.  The olive  waste is allowed to compost and is used on gardens to aerate the soil.
Purchase some products
Please feel free to come & purchase some products at reception.