Scenic Rim Olives is a boutique olive grove near Boonah in Queensland. We grow a variety of different olives for olive oil and table olives. Our most successful varieites are manzanillo and arbequina, but many other varieties fruit successfully. Our newest trees are Coratina variety.

Olives are on the trees from October to April, and normally harvested around Easter. Our oil is stocked locally at In the Raw (Cannungra), the Scenic Rim Brewery and Vintage Pickle in Mt Tamborine. We also sell at local events including, Eat Local Events including The Farm Gate Festival Lost World, and the Harvest Festival at Aratula. Call us for further information on sales.

Farming for Climate
We believe every farmer, no matter how small, can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and help maintain carbon levels in our soils. To this end we use organic fertilisers for healthy soil bacteria and no harmful chemicals or sprays on our olive fruit. Olive pomace, the waste from the pressing process, is composted to provide nutrient for trees and gardens. The trees are pruned yearly and the prunings mulched. Pruned trees are growing vigorously and taking in carbon dioxide from the air. We always keep ground cover between the trees to prevent soil carbon loss. A few dorper sheep graze in the grove, fertilising as they go.

We support stronger collective action on climate change and the work of  Farmers for Climate Action.